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A Week of Outfits (Almost)

A Week of Outfits

We got ripped off.

The universe promises Midwesterners a real autumn to make up for how crappy it is to live in this political hellscape.

“Hey, we didn’t expand Medicaid, but at least we have pretty foliage!” we sneer at Californians.

“OK so our last governor tied a lady up and took naked photos of her for blackmail, but a lot of people still didn’t think he should resign because he looked so dang presidential and OK that’s just insane – but at least we get a full complement of seasons!” we bluster angrily at Minnesotans.

Hey, we have to take our small comforts where we can.

This year we got ripped off. If you follow me on Instagram (Why wouldn’t you? Why aren’t you? Go do it now, I will wait.) you will have heard me bemoaning the nonsense weather than had me with the A/C on at 85 degrees on a Tuesday, and the heat on at 40 degrees on a Thursday. We have joked in STL for some years about the heat and AC being on toggle switches around here, but dang it. This was ridiculous.

Wardrobe wise, this was also a rip off. When it’s 85 degrees you’re dreaming of low 70s. Days in which  you can float dreamily down autumnal streets, burnished copper leaves falling gently through the golden air as you pass, wearing gorgeous long dresses and light jackets. You think— sweaters with light linen pants. Blazers with tees and jeans. We’ve moved on from sundresses into sweater dresses, but our legs are bare and our shoes are slip-on.


We went straight from 85 degrees and 92% humidity to 45 degrees and drizzling. No lovely bare legs, we went straight to the fleece lined leggings that no one wanted to dig out until December. It is the pinnacle of BS, and I am drafting a strongly worded letter of protest to… well I guess stand in the backyard and burn so that the universe might receive it and step up its game next year.

In that light, here are the things I wore in the last week, two days of which were almost decent, but most of which was a pile of baloney sandwich, weather-wise (and politics-wise, and news-wise, and personally TBH. Baloney all around. Still I find a reason to get up in the mornings. That reason is that I have to pee, because my water consumption is on point.)


Friday is always errand-running day. We do exciting things like go to the grocery store, get the oil changed, etc. This day I also had a work lunch meeting. On the day I didn’t think the outfit was photographing well, but now when I review the photos I think it was fine and my mood may not have been photographing well.

Sweater: Nordstrom
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Jacket: Lucky Brand
Scarf: Bought from the International Market here in August


Face: Naked 2 Palette I think.

Later that night I went to see my friend Chris perform Stand Up at The Crack Fox and I did a rock-chic all black thing but didn’t take its photo.

Black Shirt Dress: ASOS Curve
Black/Brown Reversible Belt: Torrid


Saturday was more errand running, plus I took the dogs out to Town and Country for a Pup-A-Chino and a quest for some warm puppy sweaters (we found none.)

Skirt: ASOS Curve
Denim Top: Torrid

I wouldn’t call this outfit a roaring success. I have been dying to wear that denim shirt, but I wanted to wear it with light linen pants, and it’s too cold for that already, so I tried with this midi black jersey skirt and I don’t think it worked that well. I should also have steamed it to get that crease out. Live and learn.

I went to a pre-Halloween party dressed as #witchlife hands you lemons, but I didn’t get a single photo of my costume. I DID win funniest costume at the party though, so yay!


I took the dogs to a puppy play date at a local pet store, and then had lunch with a friend. I completely forgot to document my outfit though. It was a past-season ASOS Curve Sweater dress with a black body and cream colored sleeves. It’s super cute, and I wore it with leggings. I think I was just in a hurry all day and forgot to snap a picture. I am the worst. To make it up to you, here’s what the dogs wore – and boy were they pissed. (Warm, but pissed.)


This was slated to be one of the only real “autumn” days we were getting, and I was determined not to spend it inside editing. Instead I donned an outfit and headed out to enjoy the day – which I did! This was so comfy and I adore this dress. I just had it tailored by a local seamstress to cut about 8″ of hem off of it, and it’s now perfect for me. I feel like a witch who is wearing a magical illustration, like children will wander up to me and get lost. I enjoy this feeling.

Dress: Past Season ASOS Curve
Velvet Obi: Torrid
Jacket: Lucky Brand
Boots: Madden Girl

I can’t remember where I got those bat earrings.


Tuesday I was shooting in the studio, so here are both mirror selfies and a studio shot of this outfit. I wanted to wear this trench with my gray asylum warden dress, but that would have called for bare legs and it was too cold for that. Instead I paired it with a white tee and this black ASOS bubble hem dress, and I did like the combo. The textures of the trench and gray dress would have been just divine together, but maybe I can wear that combo in the spring.

Dress, booties and earrings: ASOS
Trench: Brand is The Room by Ark & Co (via TJ Maxx)
Bag: Vintage Kenneth Cole
Socks: Sockdreams


Dress, booties and earrings: ASOS
Trench: Brand is The Room by Ark & Co (via TJ Maxx)
Bag: Vintage Kenneth Cole
Socks: Sockdreams


Meetings and shooting stills and video in the studio again today, so something comfy. My first real nod to the Halloween season with these bone leggings. I feel like this was cuter than the photos turned out, but I was in a hurry. I should have sized down one in this dress, I may need to have it altered. But I am in love with it. This is the black dress I wore to the comedy show last Friday that I didn’t get a photo of, so win!

Black Shirt Dress: ASOS
Belt: Torrid
Leggings: Past Season Forever 21
Cami: H&M


I was editing, editing, editing, all day long. I don’t even think I took a shower this day, though I may have taken a bath. Days spent at home are all a blur to me. I no doubt wore some comfy pants and a sweatshirt with my hair in a bun. I shall not trifle with your emotions by subjecting you to such a thing.


Today was errand running and city-hall visiting (Zoning. Seriously.) I wore one of my only new October purchases, this oxblood corduroy shirt dress from ASOS Curve. This is the exact same cut as the black shirt dress I have mentioned previously in this post, and I also have it in white, too. I debated with myself as I am not supposed to be buying much (if anything) but this met a few check boxes – I knew I would love the cut (though I did size down from the other two, and I am glad I did.) It’s warm and cozy for fall, it’s in a gorgeous deep burgundy red, which is in my official autumn palette,  so I bought it. I am SO GLAD I did. I think I am going to be able to wear this with a ton of items already in my wardrobe, and the quality is really lovely. Win.

BONUS FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE here’s a video of me trying it on, and you didn’t even have to contribute to my Patreon!



And that’s it – a full week (almost) of outfits. You know, getting dressed is one of the most fun things I get to do every day, and it distracts me from the horrors of modern American life. It may seem, heck it may BE, a trivial pursuit, but it does bring me joy, and I have to cling to whatever can do that these days. Hope this emotional roller-coaster journey through my week of wearables was fun for you, go follow me in all the places and I will continue to amuse you.

Be as happy as you can, and take every opportunity of enjoying yourself.


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