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About me

woman in large pink hat against black background
I like big hats and I cannot lie

I’m Susan, a Gen X lady native to St. Louis, MO (USA). Right now I live in the Tower Grove South neighborhood, which is a nightmare. Seriously, St. Louis is terrible. Don’t even visit. My business background is in marketing, my schooling is in sociology, and my main profession now is photography. I created Susan-E as a place to talk about the all the “Susany” things I am thinking about. Things you will find here include:

  • Lighthearted beauty and style writeups
  • Personal essays about my life and (animal) family
  • Personal photo or video projects
  • Info about what’s happening in STL or other places I travel
  • Deep Thoughts about the current state of feminism, body image issues and how I walk through the world

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Boring Stuff

Content on this site is created by/copyrighted by me unless otherwise noted. Sponsored content will be clearly marked. Links may be affiliate links. If you want to see more of my professional work and/or hire me, visit Ooh St. Lou Studios.