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Tag: sephora

Jumping the NUDESTIX Train

NUDESTIX have been showing up in my peripheral vision for a year or so now, one of those brands/products that I kept thinking I should try, but didn't in any way need to try. NUDESTIX seems to be in that current club of makeup brands that promise simplicity, "natural beauty" and one-product wonders (except buy more products, K?). Like Glossier and Milk, their PR images feature glowing women of all skin tones who don't even look like they're wearing makeup, guys! Indeed, Glossier wants you spend quite a bit of money to end up showing all  your natural "imperfections", the implication being that you'd better be a bouncy, upper middle class 20-something who can afford to show their natural skin texture and pigmentation, or else just... stay home or something? I don't know.

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Check My Box: Sephora PLAY! August 2018

This months' Sephora PLAY! box, was it a deal or a dud? Read on for my (mostly) well organized thoughts on the matter. The Sephora PLAY! subscription is one of the best values in the current, crowded beauty box market. $10 gets you five good sized montly samples, along with a bonus sample (usually perfume or a smaller packet sample) as well as a card that gets you an extra 50 Beauty Insider points if you make an in-store purchase that month. For me, a major benefit to Sephora's subscription is that their boxes will only contain brands that Sephora actually carries. Other similarly priced boxes (looking at you Birchbox and Ipsy) would send some of the very offest of off brands, things I was afraid to put on my face because I had no brand trust or even recognition. I don't think anything I get in a Sephora box will harm me or be full of Chinese factory toxins. Probably. I have been subscribed to the PLAY! box for a year now, and it's been mostly hits and a few total misses, but at least no harmful products or brands that I've never heard of before. Let's see what this month brought us.

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