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Tag: makeup

Jumping the NUDESTIX Train

NUDESTIX have been showing up in my peripheral vision for a year or so now, one of those brands/products that I kept thinking I should try, but didn't in any way need to try. NUDESTIX seems to be in that current club of makeup brands that promise simplicity, "natural beauty" and one-product wonders (except buy more products, K?). Like Glossier and Milk, their PR images feature glowing women of all skin tones who don't even look like they're wearing makeup, guys! Indeed, Glossier wants you spend quite a bit of money to end up showing all  your natural "imperfections", the implication being that you'd better be a bouncy, upper middle class 20-something who can afford to show their natural skin texture and pigmentation, or else just... stay home or something? I don't know.

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