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Tag: virtual closet

Shop Your Own Wardrobe

I have had to do quite a bit of unintended shopping in the last few months. Due to a size change, I've had to clear out a huge amount of clothing that just no longer worked for me, and I also had to replace a lot of key and basic pieces. I have always been a more "buy what you like, especially if it's on sale" type of shopper, and over the years I have amassed an eclectic wardrobe that I really enjoy. OK— to be fair there were way too many black dresses, but other than that I had outfits for pretty much any occasion and a solid foundation of basics. Cue my confusion and irritation when those basic pieces I relied on no longer fit correctly, and couldn't be belted, tucked or otherwise willed into shape. Nothing for it, I needed to shop. However, I was having a concurrent personal style shift, where the clothing I was used to wearing (lots of black and flowy things, goth accents, skater dresses and quirky pieces) no longer suited the more classic and minimalist aesthetic I was craving. I was looking for a more minimalist and (gasp) grown up style. I knew I needed to invest in new things, but I didn't want to waste money on garments that I couldn't build a decent capsule wardrobe from - I didn't want one-off fashion pieces, I wanted the leggings, t-shirts, jeans, basic skirts, classic white button downs and black dress pants that anyone needs to have a workable modern wardrobe. Very happily around that time I ran into the wardrobing app/website Finery.

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