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What I Bought in the Black Friday Sales

Some Black Friday Plus Sized Fast Fashion #NoJudge

I have been anxiously awaiting Black Friday deals in order to fill in some key missing wardrobe pieces. At the moment I am caught firmly between a “buy nothing” ethos and a “you honestly need a new XYZ” reality, so I was waiting for sales to pick up some things I really needed to add or replace, with the idea that I could do so without feeling too guilty about spending AND spending on fast-fashion, to boot.  Because while consuming only ethically-sourced slow fashion is a worthwhile goal, it’s also a luxury/privilege, especially when you’re shopping for plus or curvy sizes. There are a lot of brands out there that will sell you an ethically-made, sustainably-sourced little black dress for $400 in any size up to 10. When your price point is lower and your waistline is larger, you do what you can.

Now, my semi-capsule wardrobe experimentation served me in good stead here, because I knew the type of item and the color palette I was looking for. I was wanting one or more flowy midi skirts, some cozy sweaters, some new jeans, and I absolutely had to have a new winter coat. I was also on the lookout for a good pair of faux-leather leggings and possibly a silk blouse in black or cream, but those last two were just wishes. Aside from the items I mentioned I did not need any kind of t-shirt, blouse or button down shirt in any color, or any black pant, sock/tight, cropped sweater, sweatshirt, legging, light jacket or boot. Just knowing that made my shopping ten times easier and less confusing. I also knew the color palette I was shopping within, which also helped to narrow down my choices.

Once I found the type of item I needed, in a color I wanted, then I only had to worry about whether it fit my price point and if they carried my size. This method takes so much of the overwhelming aspect out of online shopping. I mean, ASOS alone carries thousands of items in my size. Knowing what I am not looking for means I don’t even have to look at most of it!

Here’s my general color palette, which is currently ranging from neutrals to oatmeals (with a little burgundy thrown in for adventure.) Prints I will look at include: leopard, stripes, sometimes polka dots, and snakeskin. No primary colors, no florals.

Color Palette generated via Colormind


ASOS had a 25% off sale, site-wide, that started on Thanksgiving and is lasting through this weekend. I placed three orders (this is the hazard of having their $19 annual free 2-day shipping) two on T-day and one on Black Friday. The only difference between the two is that on Black Friday Ebates was offering 5% cash back from ASOS instead of their normal 2.5%.

(If you’re not familiar with Ebates, it’s a site that gives you cash back on purchases. It doesn’t cost anything, and if you shop via their phone app or use their browser plug in to record your shopping trips, once per quarter you get a check from them with your cash back. I elect to get mine in the form of a direct deposit in my PayPal account, and most quarters I get between $18-$45 back. You can check them out and sign up here.  Disclosure: If you do use that link to sign up and buy something, you will get a $10 bonus and I will also get  referral bonus. But whether you sign up or not, I use Ebates pretty much every time I shop online.)

Junarose Flocked Velvet Leopard Print Skinny Jeans

I have been searching for a good pair of black jeans (That don’t smell like a chemical fire. Have you experienced that? I had to return some because not only would they not stop stinking, they also made everything I washed them with stink too!)

I had this Junarose pair in my wishlist for awhile, because they’re pretty unique with this flocked black leopard pattern.

(I lightened the image here so you could see the pattern a bit better.)

I loved that this was a classic item with an interesting twist and I am hoping these will be a good fit for me. Fingers crossed.

Junarose Flocked Velvet Leopard Print Skinny Jeans via ASOS


These jeans were originally $76, on sale for $30, plus 25% off for Black Friday. Final price $22.50 plus 2.5% cash back from Ebates



I bought these in a size 18. ASOS recommended a 16 but that size was not in stock, and I’d rather buy a bit larger and have them tailored (at this price, they’d still be a bargain) than have them be too tight. We will see what happens when they arrive.

ASOS DESIGN Curve midi skirt with box pleats

ASOS DESIGN Curve midi skirt with box pleats

I have the mini version of this skirt, and I wear it three times a week. Now that it’s witch’s tits cold every day, a longer version is going to be perfect, and will also look great with boots. I really love the look and feel of a long swishy skirt, and this seems like a no-brainer wardrobe staple, especially at a bargain price.


This skirt was $26 with 25% off for Black Friday – final price was $19.50 with free shipping, plus 2.5% cash back from Ebates


I bought this in a size 18, since that’s the size I got in the mini version.

ASOS DESIGN Curve long sleeve smock dress with buttons and waist panel

ASOS DESIGN Curve long sleeve smock dress with buttons and waist panel

I was not technically on the hunt for a new black dress, but this long-sleeved one checked a few of my boxes so I thought I would try it. I liked the long sleeves and the detail at the waist, as this is a cut that’s typically pretty flattering for me. It’s very basic and I love the tortoiseshell buttons. I think I will definitely need a cami underneath it (hello cleavage) but I am hoping it will layer up nicely.


This dress was $35 on sale 25% off, so final price was $26.25 plus 2.5% cash back from Ebates


I bought this in a size 16, because ASOS brand dresses tend to run rather large and I had to return the last size 18 I bought.

ASOS DESIGN Curve long sleeve smock dress with buttons and waist panel – Inset

ASOS Design Curve Mini Skater Skirt

This is the one item that I think I may have made a mistake with. I had been eyeing this because I have a skirt just like this in black that I love, and the price point was entirely right, even at ASOS full price. However, I wasn’t sure about the color. Don’t get me wrong, I love rusty tones like this, but I am not sure it’s going to integrate as seamlessly as I’d like into my wardrobe. But once it went on sale for 25% off it seemed stupid not to at least try it since I know I love skirts cut like this. (ASOS has free returns, so it may go back.)


$16 and 25% off for Black Friday – final Price $12 plus 2.5% cash back from Ebates


I picked this one up in a 16 because the cut is pretty forgiving on these.

Boohoo ring detail loafers in black

Boohoo ring detail loafers in black

I have finally acquired all the boots I need plus a few. Basic black ankle boots, moto boots, knee-high boots. A lovely pair of brown booties from Fluevog, and some oddball floral and polka dot Doc Martens round out the impractical part of my collection, and last week’s acquisition of these New Look snakeskin ankle boots means that my boot needs have finally been satisfied. However I did still need a good basic pair of closed-back black shoes for non-boot winter days.

I liked the ring detailing on these (which I think is silver, and will be sad about if it’s gold.) It can be hard to get a good fit with shoes you buy online and I’ve had to send multiple pairs of shoes back to ASOS, so these may go that way as well, but I thought I would try them and it would just be a bonus if they worked out, because they fit my aesthetic perfectly.


$35 plus 25% off for Black Friday – final price $26.25 plus 5% cash back from Ebates


8 that’s my usual shoe size, but sometimes different ASOS sold brands run dramatically smaller/larger, so we will see.

J Crew Factory

After my first-ever J Crew Factory haul this autumn, I knew I liked the brand, but I didn’t really see anything on their site which enticed me into buying. They have good basics, but I am in extreme bargain hunting mode, and unless the sale was pretty spectacular, I wasn’t going to go for it. This sale finally got things to a level I was willing to pay. They had 40% off site-wide for Black Friday, including clearance. Now, the clearance section was mostly summer junk, but since I knew what I was looking for, I didn’t get distracted. I picked up what I hope are two nice wardrobe staples. (I hope that quite a bit, since there are no returns or exchanges on these items.)

J Crew Cotton Cardigan in Black

J Crew Factory Cotton Cardigan in Black

I am really hoping that this will be the classic piece I am looking for. I bought and returned one lackluster black cardigan already this fall, but this one seems as if it will be perfect. Not a lot to say about it, it’s a basic button up cotton blend cardigan in black. If all goes well I will wear it to death. The price was certainly an incentive on this piece.


Originally $39.50, on sale for $19.99 with an extra 40% off for Black Friday – Final price $11.99 +10% cash back from Ebates


I bought an XXL in this. Given my earlier adventures with this brand I think I am an XL, but I wanted the cardigan to come down to my hips and hopefully below, so I thought sizing slightly up would be a good thing.

J Crew Factory Wool sidewalk skirt

Wool Sidewalk Skirt

This is a really good, simple and versatile cut of skirt and the color (Heather Saddle) really drew me in. I think this will slot perfectly into my wardrobe, and will go with several sweaters I’ve picked up this season. I also think I can dress this up with a black blazer, and that it will look really cute with black tights and knee-high boots. Fingers crossed, the online reviews of this were quite good.


Originally $74.50, on clearance for $34.99 plus an extra 40% off  for Black Friday. Final price $20.99 plus 10% cash back from Ebates


I waffled on this. I had both the 18 and the 20 in my cart multiple times. But since it’s wool, which is much less forgiving than jersey, and since I’d rather have it too large than too small, I went for the 20. I hope I didn’t make a mistake.

I hope that if I DID make a mistake, I can get that mistake tailored.


Oh, that nadir of Fast Fashion, H&M. What are you going to do, the stuff is cute and cheap. They had 30% off everything plus free shipping.

H&M Pleated Skirt in Beige/Leopard

Pleated Skirt in Beige/Leopard

Inspired by a few British fashion bloggers (@icovetthee,@theannaedit) I have been all over looking for flowy printed midi skirts. However, apparently retailers don’t think that fat ladies like flowy midi skirts? I can find every cut-up-to-my-crotch mini skirt I need, leather and glitter and sequins and denim, but very few and far between are the midi skirts, or really nice skirts of any sort. When I saw that H&M finally had a leopard print skirt in an XL I made it mine right away.


$34.99 +30% off  for Black Friday – final price $24.99 plus 3% cash back from Ebates


Largest offered was the XL, and it will hopefully fit. Elasticated waist and lots of pleating mean I am hopeful.


Long Cardigan in Beige Melange

H&M Long Cardigan in Beige Melange

I can’t give you a link for this one, because it seems it’s already sold out and off the site. H&M is weird that way. I was debating between this sweater and an oatmeal colored roll neck. This won because it looked comfortably longer in the hips and I have enough cropped sweaters that cut awkwardly across my ass area, thanks. This seems like it will go with 90% of the things I own, and the price was right. I wish it had pockets and a front closure of some sort, but I think it will also look nice belted.


$19.99 plus 30% off for Black Friday makes the final price $14.00 plus 3% cash back from Ebates


Went for an XL in this, which should be fine.

Old Navy

I have been on the serious hunt for a new winter coat. I was in desperate need, my old one was just not working anymore. But I could not find a coat that fit my aesthetic, my budget and my ass all at the same time. What I really wanted was a knee-length camel coat in a brushed wool, and man, it was not to be found at all. Since my last, best-loved winter coat was from Old Navy I decided to go in there last week and try some coats on to see if I could hit gold twice.

First of all, Old Navy stores (at least the one at Ladue Crossing here in STL) are like flaming garbage fires at a thrift sale. I have rarely been inside a store that was so completely in disarray. I went into the fitting room to try some things on, and there were literal trash cans full of piles and piles of discarded merchandise needing to be put away. There were piles of merch on the floor, and every other available surface and a very lackadaisical fitting room attendant who could not be bothered about anything. I also almost put my eye out tripping over a pole (used to get merch off high hooks) someone had leaned across the floor. The whole place gave me the heebie jeebies. But I did find a coat in an XL that was slightly too small, but I thought would be perfect in an XXL. So I came home and ordered it, and I love it so much I ordered it in another color, and a third coat too!

Soft Brushed Peacoat in Hollywood

Soft Brushed Peacoat for Women in Hollywood

This coat is 85% perfect. Perfect cut, perfect color, more than perfect price. I only wish that it was knee length instead of hip length, but I feel that dying on that hill will leave me cold and shivering for the rest of the winter. Honestly I love this coat. I know that you would expect Old Navy to be low quality, but this coat is heavy, lined and the soft-brushed finish feels luxe. Nice large pockets as well. Well, I mean I like it so much I bought two, so you can tell how I feel about it.


I bought this camel color a few days before Black Friday, when the whole store was 40% off. Original price was $59.99, so the final price on this was $35.99 with free shipping and 6% cash back from Ebates


XXL – it’s perfect! Plenty of room in the sleeves for cozy sweaters, too!

Mid Rise Curvy Straight Jeans for Women in Lakeshore

Old Navy Midrise Curvy Straight Jeans in Lakeshore

I have been on a quest for decent-fitting jeans, because none of mine fit at all anymore, and it seems impossible to find  a style that looks decent on my body. At the moment I am much larger in the hips and belly area than in the legs, so any skinny fit jeans that fit my belly gap widely in the thigh, so I look like I am wearing jodhpurs. I was wondering if a straight leg might not be a better cut for me, and I saw someone on Instagram trying on Old Navy jeans, and I thought “why not?”

I tried this cut (Curvy Straight, which is not an oxymoron, it means curvy in the hips and straight leg.) in the store, and it suited me. I had to order these online because I couldn’t find my size in the store (you have never seen anything like the jumble of fits/styles and sizes that store had going on on its shelves. As a former Gap store manager I was ashamed of everyone working there.)

I ended up ordering the Curvy Straight in a size 18 in the “short” length, which (see photo above) I still have to double cuff, but OK. After having these a few days I think I should have gone for the 16, but I will wash them in hot water and hope for the best. I love the way these feel (it’s nice to be in proper jeans again after a year of jeggings) and I really like the color and finish. The cut also works for me, I don’t LOVE the way I look in them, but I do think I look less like an egg with legs with this straight-leg cut. What I don’t love at all is the 2″ deep front pockets which cannot hold a cell phone either horizontally OR vertically. Gah. So stupid. Like a full deep pocket is going to make us look fatter, Old Navy? Like you can’t afford the material for a proper pocket lining? Whatever. But they were crazy inexpensive, so I will tolerate it. I do wish these came in a few more finishes, this was the only color of this style that appealed to me. Depending on how the Junarose jeans work out, I may still be in the market for black jeans, but these only come in a light wash, this medium wash and then a very dark wash. No black.


$29.99 + 40% off for Black Friday = final price of $17.99(!) plus free shipping and 6% cash back from Ebates


18 short. Probably should have sized down.

Soft Brushed Peacoat in Black

Soft Brushed Peacoat in Black

Like I said, this was too good a bargain to pass up – an even better bargain than the one in the camel color, since I got this for 50% off. Assuming I will love it.


$59.99 plus 50% off for Black Friday – final price $29.99 plus free shipping and 10% cash back from Ebates




Long Soft Brushed Coat for Women in Icelandic Mineral

Old Navy Long Soft Brushed Coat for Women in Icelandic Mineral

This was the only true impulse purchase of the bunch, and as such it may go straight back. I really had been wanting a long coat, not just jackets. I like the drama of a long coat, and this color just got me. Once I knew an XXL was a good fit for me and that the general quality of their coats was good, I thought I should probably pick this up while it was on sale and see if it suited me, and if not I could always return it. I really love the simple cut of this, but I wonder if I made a mistake and should have gotten this in black and skipped the black peacoat. Ugh, I don’t know. I was going from a coat supply of zero to a coat supply of three though, and three coats doesn’t seem like overkill.

Ugh, I don’t know. We will see how much I love it when it comes.


$74.99, on sale 50% off for Black Friday so final price of $37.50 with free shipping and 10% cash back from Ebates


XXL. Since the other XXLs fit my hips I am assuming this one will too.

The Final Black Friday Roundup

So all told I bought:

  • 4 skirts
  • 3 coats
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 2 cardigans
  • 1 dress
  • 1 pair of shoes

The original prices of the things I bought would have been $581.94, and I got them all for $299.94. I paid $0 in shipping and got some percentage of that back from Ebates (that’s too much math for right this minute.)

I think I did fairly well in sticking to what I needed, but some of these things may be going back for fit/sizing issues. Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do a try-on video when these items arrive!

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